Oasis Cafe

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Oasis Cafe

Hours: 11 am to 7 pm

Tuesday through Saturday

Ph. 505-467-8982

Oasis Cafe

Hours: 11am to 8pm

Tuesday through Saturday

Ph. 505-467-8982

Click the link below to see our full menu.

Oasis Menu



oasis cafe






  Patricia Duran Eiker wrote @

We just ate the deluxe gyro and the melanzane sandwich and they were AMAZING!! We can’t wait for our children to visit so we can take them to Oasis Cafe!

  Nancy Kushigian wrote @

Fantastic, fresh food. So nice to have falafel in Eldorado!

  destinyallison505 wrote @

It’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

  Neela Richardson wrote @

Love Oasis….John is such a great chef and Rebecca is so great too…and the food…AMAZING ! So happy to have them here.

  Susan Contreras and Elias Rivera wrote @

John makes the most wonderful scrumptious food and Rebecca makes the combo the best possible dining experience. Everything is great and the specials and soups are out of this world. Not to forget to mention the best Greek salad around. Very sweet experience,.Go and you will not be disappointed!!

  Jessica wrote @

My sister lives in El Derado and every time I visit, eating here is an absolute must. The deluxe oasis gyros are incredible! So jealous they have such a great cafe here. Highly recommend!!!

  Dave wrote @

So Glad you are back from vacation! Can’t wait for lunch!

  Chester1979 wrote @

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