La Tienda Exhibit Space

The La Tienda Exhibit Space is a beautiful, 2,000 square foot exhibit space that promotes economic development for local artists, art education for both children and adults, and cultural enrichment for the Eldorado/285 corridor community.

Artists show in groups on a first come/first serve basis.  Work is minimally juried to ensure a base level of professionalism.  Artists keep 100% of sales generated through exhibitions.  In exchange, artists hang, staff and take down their own shows. 

Beginning in October, 2010, the La Tienda Exhibit Space will become a project of Learning Mind while it works toward becoming a full fledged, 501-c-3 non-profit.  At that time, the Exhibit Space will be able to take donations, organize fund raising activities, and pursue other funding opportunities. 

The La Tienda Exhibit Space

  •  Is the only arts space serving the 20,000 people in the Eldorado/285 corridor community.
  •  Has had more than 6,000 visits since it opened in December, 2009. 
  •  Has exhibited the works of over 100 local artists
  •  Almost every show has generated sales for artists.
  •  Is the only space in the Santa Fe area that does not take a commission from artists, is exclusively dedicated to local artists, and creates an opportunity for local artists without gallery representation to hang their work in a professional environment.
  •  Is located inside a major commercial center which makes it highly visible and substantially increases traffic into the art space. 

 Why is this important?

 In 2004, an economic development study sponsored by UNM and the McCune charitable foundation discovered the following:

  •  Four out of every ten dollars that come into Santa Fe from outside the county are directly related to arts and culture.
  •  22 percent of the jobs in the city of Santa Fe are from the arts-and-culture sector.
  •  The impact of arts and culture on the city’s economy is six times the national average and twice that of the next ranked city.
  •  There is a shortage of affordable housing in the area.  Only 1 in 10 Santa Fe area artists are represented by Santa Fe galleries and there are almost no local, professional venues for them to show and sell their work.  Consequently, artists are leaving Santa Fe in alarming numbers.
  •  If enough artists go, what happens to our local economy and the 4 of every 10 dollars creative culture generates?

What can you do?

 Support the La Tienda Exhibit Space.  Your contribution ensures that the La Tienda Exhibit Space continues to operate and continues to grow.  100% of your contribution goes to the Exhibit space and its efforts to promote local artists.  In addition, 100% of your contribution is tax deductible.

For more information about exhibiting work, making a contribution, or volunteering, please contact Destiny at (505) 930-4821



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