La Plancha de Eldorado

La Plancha de Eldorado is part of the La Tienda complex located 15 minutes from downtown Santa Fe on Hgy 285 South.   La Tienda is home to art galleries, shops, services and more.  We are immediately adjacent to Santa Fe Performance Exchange.  Check their website for concert listings by clicking here


Monday – Saturday  7:30 am to 9 pm

Sunday from 10 – 3

Now serving Beer and Wine!

For our menu and more information about our restaurant, please click here

Phone:  466-2060

  • Free high speed internet
  • Espresso bar
  • To Go orders available
  • Casual, family friendly, Latin cuisine


  latiendaeldorado wrote @


  Michael wrote @

Excellent food. Will be back to try lunch

  rich, ginny and shauna wrote @

Six thumbs up to La Plancha from we three locals. We’ve been slowly but surely working our way through the menu, savoring chef Juan Carlos’ fresh and tasty cooking. Just about everything is housemade. . . including sandwich rolls, salad dressings, and tortillas. . . and the prices are great. An early fave of ours is the roasted poblano with vegetables–delicious! Juan Carlos, Lidia, Juan and Tatiana are working hard to win diners’ loyalty, so check them out!

  Mike and Ellen wrote @

We had two platos tipicos for Sunday brunch yesterday. The only problem was, it was so good we wanted two more platos tipicos even though we were already full. Un lugar simpatico y comida muy rica.

  Sarah Magrath wrote @

Thought the food was very good, and staff was pleasant. Very good fajitas

  Hope Kiah wrote @

We’re so excited about this restaurant. So far I’ve had the Pambazo breakfast sandwich which was INCREDIBLE and this morning we’re having the huevos rancheros, two for one, by the way (tomorrow is the last day.) The people are totally friendly, the decor is gorgeous and the wireless works great. COME CHECK IT OUT!

  Hope Kiah wrote @

The huevos rancheros are the best I’ve ever had, in the 16 years I’ve been in Santa Fe. The beans and veggies and seasonings all tasted totally fresh and delicious. Exquisite.

  john thompson wrote @

THREE FOR THREE!! I have had three great meals so far and everything tasted so fresh. The steak fajitas for lunch, the jumbo shrimp for dinner, and the loroco omelete for breakfast. Service has been friendly and the room was cheerful. A bit noisy at times.

Thank god. We needed another good restaurant out here. Keep up the good work!

  Gary wrote @

I had the Jumbo Shirmp for dinner. OMG! It was great! I am telling all my friends that this is the best food in the Eldo area.

  student loan : : Weekend Ride – Insurance Today wrote @

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  Barb wrote @

We’ve had lunch & dinner at La Plancha several times, and always had a positive experience with exceptionally good food! The poblano del dia is especially delicious, and the tamales are incredibly light and good. We highly recommend La Plancha, especially for others who are vegetarians like us…There are many veggie choices and everything is fresh and homemade. We actually like La Plancha better than any of the restaurants downtown and are happy that the owners picked La Tienda/Eldorado as the place to open their business. My husband, who grew up in Latin America, loves their food. And the prices are quite reasonable, too.

  Jessica & Mark wrote @

We do own the Art Garden Gallery at La Tienda, so this is not quite as crazy as it sounds, but at least one of us has eaten at least one meal at La Plancha every day since they opened their doors!! We have all lost count of the actual number of meals, but we have never been a bit disappointed and have thought most things on the menu a WOW! My favorites: the chicken fajitas and the Lorroco Omelet – and the potato salad. Mark loves everything he’s had and can’t pick a favorite. I have never seen a family work harder for a dream, and we are so grateful that Juan Carlos, Lidia, Juan and Tatiana have chosen Eldorado – and La Tienda for their wonderful restaurant.

  Anonymous wrote @

La Plancha is a wonderful addition to Eldorado! The food is simply delicious (best fried plantains I’ve had since being in Guatemala years ago). The service is rapid, unobtrusive, and kind. We will come back for more. The two dinners we’ve enjoyed at this restaurant rank it our favorite in Eldorado … and one of our favorites in the Santa Fe area. Thank you.

  Steve Perlstein wrote @

My wife and I have eaten at La Plancha twice in the past month and, unlike those above, had mixed experiences. The Plato Tipico was excellent, and the Grilled Pork Chop was close, although I specifically told our server to tell the chef to not overcook it. This request was prompted by our first trip to La Plancha, in which I had ordered the Latin Paella. Every bit of meat and fish in it was completely overcooked, tough, and almost inedible. The spices and flavoring of the dish saved it, although It truly was a disappointment and, at $18.95, way overpriced for that particular visit. On our second visit, although the pork chop was 3/4 cooked just right, the other 1/4 too well done for my tastes, my wife’s chicken tacos came with two chicken tacos and one beef taco, definitely not what was ordered. I decided to taste the beef, which turned out to be absolutely tasteless, flavorless, and.way over cooked. Although Juan Carlos eventually brought out her third chicken taco, I was still completely shocked at how bad the beef was. I did take the opportunity to speak with Juan Carlos about our experiences. I told him that we want him to succeed, but that he simply couldn’t continue to make the mistakes that we had already experienced. The other restaurants before him had failed because they had made those kind of mistakes consistently enough to lose business. La Plancha deserves to stay. Their menu is varied enough that there should be something for everyone. Both times we came on Friday nights, and were told that they are understaffed and overwhelmed on those nights, and practically dead on the others. I hope that Juan Carlos and staff can figure out a way of making it all work logistically, because I imagine that the overcooked food we experienced probably was the result of not enough resources to adequately put forth excellence with every single plate. I can tell that these are mistakes rather than the true artistry that so far to us has shown up with some inconsistency. We will definitely be back because we think this restaurant deserves to rise above its mistakes and prosper. I told Juan Carlos that he simply can’t continue to make those mistakes and survive. I hope he understands and solves the problems. We are rooting him on. We’ll attempt to make our next visit other than Friday.

  Ed and Barbara wrote @

Our thanks and best wishes to all the peaple at La Plancha A special thanks from The Santa Fe Vintage Car Club For the great way they handled our meeting there last month . The food is great ad thy are getting there on all the other stuff that must come together . The Beer and Wine are here so we wish Juan and Lydia the best. GOOD LUCK

  David wrote @

Twice I have posted a review about my bad experiences at La Plancha. The food is mediocre (at best) and overpriced, and the staff is marginally competent – the last time we were there, both of our dishes were prepared incorrectly, and when one was sent back to be fixed, the fixed dish was also incorrect.
But that negative review was taken down by the managers of this website, as were several other critical reviews posed by people other than myself. Only praise is tolerated on this forum – do NOT take the reviews on this page as representative of the quality of La Plancha (which is actually quite low; I’d guess many of the glowing reviews were posted by those with a financial stake in the business). Reviews not subject to management’s censorship can be found at the urban spoon website.

  latiendaeldorado wrote @


We kept your previous reveiw up on the site until we learned that you were the person who scribbled F**K You across your bill and made someone cry. We also saw your same review on urban spoon. We removed your last comment because it was so absolutely viscious and your behavior in the restaurant was atrocious. There is nothing contructive in your efforts, and given the large number of positive reveiws, including the reveiw in Pasa Tiempo yesterday, we honestly didn’t find your comments worth including. The owners of La Plancha (and believe me, we do not own any part of this restaurant) are hard working, committed people. We do eat at La Plancha, sometimes every day, and we love it. Occassionally, as with any restaurant, the food isn’t perfect. We have sent back plates at Geronimos. But an occassional mistake does not give reason to go on a personal, biased campaign to destroy a business that obviously many people love. We have the absolute right to remove comments we feel are down right mean and will continue to do so. We will however, post comments that are fair and constructive. The last critical reveiw of La Plancha was fair. It was helpful and it was written in the spirit of community we are working so hard to create. It remains posted. You just didn’t scroll down far enough.

  Andrew D Rodney wrote @

I ate at La Plancha for the 2nd time this morning, & breakfast was excellent. Best black beans I’ve ever eaten anywhere (and I’ve lived in Santa Fe 17 years). Breakfast burrito was very good. I wanted to try the old standby (bacon, Christmas) as I’ve had this often across the street at Blue Moon and once (not so good) at Real Food Nation. La Plancha was better and the price was so affordable. I’ll be back. I’m so happy we have this new restaurant in Eldorado.

  Sandra wrote @

La Plancha is mediocre. I’ve gone there four times. Twice for breakfast–both times I ordered a breakfast burrito with green chile. The green chile is pretty good, far from the best, but I suppose green chile isn’t the specialty of a Salvadoran restaurant. In a really good breakfast burrito, the potatoes are slightly browned and seasoned, the bacon (or other filling) is a bit more generous than what’s offered at La Plancha, and the chile is superb, effectively orchestrating a dance of disparate flavor and texture on the tongue. To get this kind of breakfast burrito I drive to Santa Fe. If I don’t want to drive to town, La Plancha offers a competent fall-back. The coffee is weak and lackluster and has an unpleasant aftertaste, not unlike that at chain restaurants.

The first dinner I had at La Plancha, I ordered the plato typico, assuming that was the specialty. It actually made me sick to my stomach. The purported filling in the empanada, tamale, and pupusa were scarcely existent. The vegetable garnish wasn’t fresh and was turning brown; the vinegar it was tossed in had no subtlety of flavor. I couldn’t finish the dinner and felt the price was exorbitant for a big plate of dough. I went to bed feeling undernourished and ripped off. My husband ordered the same meal and was up all night with diarrhea. (My daughter, who is an award-winning amateur chef, has since taught me to make my own pupusas, which have a generous filling, and are delectable! I will make my own now, when I’m hungry for pupusas.)

The second dinner I had at La Plancha consisted of chicken enchiladas. They were competently prepared but served at room temperature. I asked the waiter to take them back and heat them, which he did.

The service in general is friendly but uneven. I will reiterate: I consider La Plancha a reasonable fall-back alternative when a drive into town isn’t practical, and one is able to steer clear of the plato typico, and be prepared to ask the kitchen to serve the food hotter than room temperature. Clearly, many of the reviewers on this site are exaggeratedly singing the praises of La Plancha, or they simply never drive into Santa Fe to eat at better restaurants with equally affordable (or better) prices.

I believe we have a classic case of The Emperor’s New Clothes. This one isn’t quite naked, but he’s scantily clad.

  jeana wrote @

My Husband and I eat at La Plancha almost every weekend. The Loroco Omelet and the Pork Chops are our favorite. We also ate there for Valentine’s Day the steaks were great. I am celiac. I always order corn tortillas, but my concern has been cross contamination with the white tortillas. I am not quit sure if they understand the problems that can cause for me.

  kat wrote @

I absolutely LOVE the plato typico which I have almost every time I eat there. I lived for a time in Guatemala and the flavors remind me of that time. I’ve had other items and all have been great. The service is lovely. I work in town and eat out often at a range of restaurants as well as living for 24 years in San Francisco and this one completes with any of them. I’m sorry that some folks have had mixed experiences. I suppose that’s true of any restaurant but my many experiences with this one have been fabulous. Also, I don’t know anyone involved with the business and have no personal stake in its success other than enjoying their food.

  Cristina wrote @

i was there last night having dinner the food was excellent with great variety and flavor the special sound spectacular the owners greeted us and asked us if everything was well and if we needed more drinks and the place was clean and well presented there I loved… definitely return to try more of their delicious food ..

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