Just Cuts

Just Cuts is a no frills shop.  We offer quality hair cuts without the fuss or the expense of full service salons.  We are located in Building A, directly across the sidewalk from The Gym at Eldorado. 



Phone:  466-1003





  Anonymous wrote @

Thanks for such reasonable pricing! I plan on trying you out for my next cut!

  Anonymous wrote @

Very good haircut and the price was right. About a 15-minute wait – recommend getting in some reading materials – Mechanic’s Illustrated, Sports Afield, Sports Illustrated, American Rifleman, etc.

  Anonymous wrote @

Very responsive – thanks for the reading materials to read while I wait (not long!)

  Anonymous wrote @

Best Haircut I’ve had in years. I love the 7 day guarantee, where you can return if anything needs adjusting. Gabby is a pleasure to work with and aims to please. I wholeheartedly recommend her service, charm and talents.

Daniel Quat

  Victoria Jones wrote @

Great people! Very friendly and affordable. I hope everyone in Eldorado uses them for their children’s school cuts and trims! Let’s support Eldorado businesses!

  R wrote @

it is a true pleasure to find someone skilled and professional, who can actually use scissors and was classically trained that way (not everyone who chops hair, shaves heads all around and leave some hair only on top is called a stylist, but in The Land of Entrapment it seems so).
after being told she was the person to go to, I found out she’s actually in Eldorado, gave it a try and was extremely, extremely pleased, after many years of trying many hair salons in town, and being entirely disgusted.
not that it ever matters at all (especially when you get quality service), but her prices are very low, as well.
best haircut in this town, BY FAR…

  Pat Walker wrote @

great hair cut…staying at rancheros de santa fe campground & saw the ad in the laundry, highly recommend this salon

  Anonymous wrote @

Just returned from Just Cuts and my family gave my new do a great review.
A very affordable, professional and inviting little salon. Support this woman’s venture! We’re lucky to have Gabby here in Eldorado.
Eric Z.

  Anonymous wrote @

Gabby at Just Cuts is doing a fantastic job! She has won every member of my family over – catering to each of our needs and using her classic hair cutting skills. We are sure to come back and recommend Just Cuts very highly!
-Dani T.

  Mary Severine wrote @

Great cut! thanks Gabby, I’ll be back every 5-6 weeks!

  Heidi wrote @

Hi –
I sent in my husband to get a cut or make an appointment 2 Saturdays ago around Noontime. He said 2 people were chatting. No clients at the moment. He was told there were no spots open till the following Friday, not especially encouraged to leave his name for a cancellation or appointment, so he was disappointed and left. We are local 285 residents and I read the La Tienda news weekly, so I was not really happy to hear it!
Any advice?

  latiendaeldorado wrote @


I’ll pass this on to Just Cuts. FYI, they are adding more staff in the near future and will be expanding to a bigger space so hopefully they won’t fill up so quickly. What you’re husband experienced was probably the staff member talking with a client who had just finished and who was waiting for her next client. Thanks for writing.

  Heidi wrote @

Thanks we will try again!

  Anonymous wrote @

You’ve moved! Next to the Yoga Centre – great natural light, more room, same great haircut and excellent prices.

  John Ressler wrote @

I love Just Cuts and Gabby. Besides giving me great cuts for almost a year now, she is a wonderful and warm person. She deserves our support.

  latiendaeldorado wrote @

We love her too and will pass on your message. Thanks John!

  Richard Beal wrote @

Great place – good haircut at a reasonable price.

  lawsonsotherdog wrote @

cheers for the follow, will drop into yours every now and then

  Anonymous wrote @

Gabby does a great job.

  Bunny wrote @

Walk ins? I sat in the chair for 1/2 hour while Gabby, I guess, was cutting someones hair. When done, another customer walked in, and only then she informed me that she didn’t take walk-ins, as the other customer had an appt. One customer out of the door and lost to Just Cuts forever…

  amber wrote @

Just curious to know just for layers how much would it be??

  Ron wrote @

A few months ago I got a great haircut at this place, and they took me as a walk-in customer without a problem.

Today, February 22 at around 10AM, I walked in again and was told by the young lady at the counter that she could not cut my hair until Thursday. She was “booked” all day. THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE CUSTOMER IN THE ENTIRE BUSINESS! When I told her I have been a walk-in before, her reply was “well, the owner is on medical leave.” Although I feel for the owner, that is not an excuse to turn away a paying customer. All she did was flip through her appointment book and not care that I was there to do business. I find it completely unacceptable that the young lady behind the counter refused a paying customer service because she was “booked.” Especially when the place had no business at the moment I walked in. I took my money to a competitor and was treated like a valued customer. They lost my money, and the stylets lost the tip she would have received for my hair cut. When the owner returns from medical leave, I hope she re-evaluates her business model and teaches this employee that all customers are valuable customers.

Any business that turns away a customer does not deserve a penny of my hard earned money! I will NOT return to Just Cuts again; and will discourage my friends and family from patronizing this business.

  Anonymous wrote @

Hmmm….I’m look for a really good hairstylist and was seriously contemplating giving Just Cuts a try, but the reviews are not too consistent, and they are not all that recent. I would be coming from Santa Fe and don’t want to drive to El Dorado if I’m going to be turned away for an appointment or get crappy customer service. Can anyone vouch for this place that has been there in the last few weeks? Thanks.

  Anonymous wrote @

I previously attended Just Cuts multiple times and was very happy with the result. Unfortunately, on my most recent visit I paid $24 for a no more than five minute hair cut where I received no personal attention and had to ask to have my hair blow dried, to which it was only “half dried.” Definitely disappointed. Love giving business to El Dorado businesses but…

  Happy customer wrote @

Welcome back Gabby!

  Anonymous wrote @

First time at Just cuts . I received a wonderful haircut, exactly as I asked .
Gabriela, the owner and main hairdresser is wonderful and all about customer service!
Kuddos! I will be back!

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