EAWSD Misinformation

Here are the links to the March 31 EAWSD Minutes and La Tienda’s offer to the EAWSD regarding lease and purchase options. As of April 10, there is new information. The bottom links are copies of the grant application and the Department of Justice consequences for lying on a grant application.



Letter to EAWSD from La Tienda on October 17, 2012


2013_May_20_DWSRLF_CF_Business_Case (1)

According to the DOJ, the consequences of grant fraud can include debarment from receiving future funding, administrative recoveries of funds, civil law suits and criminal prosecution– or a combination of all or some of these remedies.
The best strategy to mitigate these risks is to increase awareness of the common grant fraud schemes and encourage appropriate risk management efforts to prevent
issues or detect them as early as possible so grant funded programs have every chance of success and taxpayer funds are used as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Here is a link to their site: http://www.justice.gov/oig/hotline/docs/GrantFraudPresentation.pdf



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  Another Fox in the Hen House | La Tienda News wrote @

[…] Here is a link where you can view both documents and decide for yourself if the EAWSD is deliberately misleading it members for reasons unknown. […]

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