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La Tienda Covid Update 4-15-2020

To be honest, we haven’t been sleeping that well. We wake up too early. We consume so much news. Like most of you, we’re worried for the future. La Tienda has lost some beloved tenants. Just Cuts, The Coffee Wheel, and The Wag have closed permanently. The uncertainty of our collective future can be demoralizing and dis-empowering. Still, while working at the hardware store, hidden behind our masks, we talk with you. Ultimately, we understand that if everyone does what they can, we’ll get through this and maybe create something… Read more La Tienda Covid Update 4-15-2020


La Tienda is an ideal location for businesses. Not only are we committed to the community we serve, we believe our businesses sink or swim together. To that end, we’ve… Read more Leasing