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Two Amazing Art Openings

Saturday, October 6 from 5 – 7 pm

In the Exhibit Space:  

Africa:  The Holocausts of Rwanda and Sudan

Africa, The Holocausts of Rwanda and Sudan is a color photographic essay with a text by Lucian Niemeyer. The exhibit first appeared at The Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, Delaware. The exhibit has since appeared in many other venues with the last being at the Maxwell Museum at the University of New Mexico, where over 160 images were displayed over a year. A book by the same name was published by The University of New Mexico Presss in 2005. It was followed by the book Darfur in 2007. The book Africa was nominated by the University for a Pulitzer prize. Though it did not win, a copy of the book was given to every United States

Senator by a foundation in Virginia. Recently Mr. Niemeyer gave lectures to students at the University of Alberta and Calgary University in Canada. He was made an honorary citizen of Calgary and presented a white hat for his work. Recently this honor was given to the Dalai Lama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.Africa, The Holocausts of Rwanda and Sudan tells the
story of ten years of genocide in Africa. The first chapter reveals by image and story the terrible genocide and aftermath in Rwanda where over one million innocent people lost their lives in a horrible massacre. The images were taken in 1994 in the refugee camps. The second chapter illustrates the slaves taken in raids by Arabs wanting slaves in Northern Sudan. The slaves were being traded back by a non-governmental organization for $35 each, or the price of a goat. The third chapter is the story of the proclaimed Holy Jihad on the south and demonstrates the conflict between Islam and Christianity. The fourth chapter takes place in the Nuba Mountains. Thousands of years of migration by the Nubians to flee the tyranny of Egypt, then the Arab onslaught resulted in 30 different tribes and languages to the mountains up the Nile. The Arab government has determined that they want these people to practice radical Islam and to adopt the Sharia law. Over 2.5 million people have lost their lives in this genocide which few people know about.

At Destiny Allison Fine Art:

Vulnerabilites:  Works by Francisco Benitez, Emila Faro, and Destiny Allison

Three artists explore the human face to speak of the human condition.

Opening reception Saturday, October 6, 2012, 5-7 pm

There is probably nothing else that can trigger an emotional resonance in us more readily than looking into the face of a fellow human being. For centuries artists have been trying to capture the ineffable quality that a face has to move us. The face has been rendered by artists in thousands of ways through the centuries, exploring the emotions we are capable of eliciting with our facial expressions. Destiny Allison Fine Art is hosting a group show, “Vulnerabilities”, in which three artists, each in their unique style, use the face as a conveyance to interpret their own musings about what being human entails.

In his latest series of encaustic portraits, Santa Fe-based painter Francisco Benitez seeks to have the contemporary viewer reflect upon the past’s presence in our psyches. His figures have an almost sculptural mass to them, and their countenances seem like distant cousins to those shown in the encaustic funeral portraits done during the first century in Egypt’s Fayum Basin area. His subjects seem to have a knowing of the world they’re looking out at, from a distance devoid of time. Benitez actually uses the same technique as the ancient artists of the Fayum period, working with a tetrachromy (four-color palette) of waxes and heated tools, to create his contemporary “historicized” portraits.

Benitez’ work in the show is opposed beautifully by the ephemeral and delicate quality of the work of Sicilian artist Emilia Faro, who Benitez met during his solo show in Syracuse, Italy in 2006. Impressed by her work, Benitez contacted the Kaudia Marr Gallery, and Faro was subsequently invited to have a solo exhibition in Santa Fe in 2007.

Faro has created a series of masterful watercolor portraits of ethereally lovely females and young girls, whose faces seem to be either gently dissolving away or coming into form. What is highly resolved in each is an introspective moment of thought that mostly comes through the subject’s eyes. The models are in certain instances based on fashion magazine images, others are personal acquaintances. The images as a group carry a certain message as well, rendered in the pales of watercolor, an art form once considered a “lady’s activity”. Using that particular medium and her particular subject matter, Faro’s paintings both occupy and critique themselves, nudging the viewer to understand that some gender-related notions could and should segue into a more enlightened view.


ENIGMA ???????

The Enigma at El Dorado

What is it… where is it… why is it ?

Is it art… is it theater… who is doing it ?

Come and find out. GRAND Opening Saturday July 28, at La Tienda Exibit Space 5:03 PM to 6:58 PM

An amazing collection of fine art , random objects, and sculpture by well known but anonymous artists. ALL proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity and the La Tienda Exibit Space.

PRIZES ! ! ! ! ! 

Why not Come dressed in your favorite costume… The artists will.

Large cans of potted meat product will be awarded to the 5 lucky winners!

Come and find what you didn’t know you already wanted!

Admission is FREE at the door. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or kitten.

The days of the Enigma show are Wednesdays to Saturdays 11:06 AM to 5:23 PM from Aug 1 to Aug 25.

How to get there:

Put on your costume (optional but more fun than Levis and a tee shirt).

Get in your car.

Get on I 25. Go North to exit 290. Right onto US 285 South. Left at Avenida Vista Grande. Left at Caliente Drive. Left at the first driveway. Go to the end of the road and park. The Exhibit Space is located in Building A at La Tienda at Eldorado.

Look for the signs, or wander aimlessly through the building shouting………“Where’s the Enigma?”!!!!

Enchanted Landscape at The La Tienda Exhibit Space

A group show of the work of five artists takes place at The Exhibit Space at the La Tienda shopping center in Eldorado, New Mexico, June 30-July 21, 2012.

The artists, Jan Alsever, Beverley Crane, Charlotte D’Aigle, MK Hargrove, and Gerry Perrin, live and work inSanta FeCounty. Their artistic expressions capture a sense of earth, sky and place. Working in various mediums and styles, they share an art focus on the land and their feelings for it. Four are painters and one is a sculptor. All are devoted to creativity and artistic challenge.

GERRY PERRIN works primarily in oil after having photographed landscape for over 30 years. Her love of the outdoors came from spending most childhood summers in a remote log cabin high in Wyoming Mountains. For the past six years, Gerry has traveled to all parts ofNew Mexicoto photograph, hike, and paint plein air. She is presently studying with Noel Hudson, an American artist living and working in Santa Fe. (505) 424-1205


BEVERLEY CRANE, a writer and educator, came to painting later in life. Her love of the outdoors and viewing the water has increased her desire to represent the beauties of nature. Living on the Pacific coast inBaja,California, for 10 years, she has a special affinity for water, whether ocean spray, water marshes, lakes or pounding surf. Painting in both oil and pastels, she finds pastels especially stimulating, both in their softness and ability to portray a wide range of emotions. She finds her painting has increased her powers to see the beauties of nature in ways she could never have imagined before starting to paint. (505) 466-2329


JAN ALSEVER, sculptor, says that an appreciation for stones from pebbles to mountains grew in her when she moved toNorthern New Mexico10 years ago. Intrigued by the many different colors and patterns, particularly in alabaster, she took stone carving lessons for four years, shaping 20 to 40 pound stones into abstract pieces. After she attended a beading workshop a year ago, she decided to add beads to alabaster stones to create colorful, light-hearted sculptures she calls “synergy art.” (505) 466-4034


MK HARGROVE says, “Hovering above the earth is the most magnificent and constantly changing work of art—the sky! It is there for us to view and appreciate every day. Many times, people don’t even notice it. Sometimes, even landscape painters take it for granted. My art is about the sky. My goal is that my paintings jog the viewers’ senses a little and remind them to look up more often to stop—and be awestruck! From the sky above us comes light and the atmosphere, and these make the shade possible. Is a landscape a landscape without these? Oh, but there is more to come…abstraction! 

CHARLOTTE D’AIGLE has focused on landscape since she began painting in the early nineties. Her style is inspired by the French and American Impressionists. Working in oils, she portrays the effects of light while keeping a certain form. She believes that art transmits universal truths and is thus of great importance. Her works speak of her own truths, and her wish is that they speak to others. She says, “If a painting is true, it gives of itself year after year, touching the heart and lending the soul expression.” (505) 455-3898,

The Enchanted Landscape Group Show will open with an artists’ reception Saturday, June 30th, from 5-7 p.m. The show can then be viewed Wednesday through Saturday,11-6 La Tienda Exhibit Space. For more information regarding La Tienda: (505) 428-0024.

Eldorado Studio Tour and Preview Gallery

The weekend’s celebration begins on Friday, May 18 with a gala Opening Night reception in the La Tienda Exhibit Space from 5:00 -7:00 pm. It’s an opportunity to meet with the artists, view their work and enjoy refreshments. 

Live music will be performed by Master guitarist David Wescott Yard and keyboardist Doug Frantz. 

69 studios showcasing the work of 106 artists will be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm.

The Preview Gallery will be open on both days from 9am-5pm. There you can gather brochures and maps to plan your studio visits.


2 Great Film Screenings This Week

Reel New Mexico Film Screening
“Mercurial Son” 
On Thursday, May 10 at 7 pm at The Performance Space, Reel New Mexico presents the gritty and lyrical documentary feature “Mercurial Son,” a portrait of Chicago blues guitarist Lurrie Bell. Shown with the film will be an award-winning animated short, “The Astronomer’s Sun.” The filmmakers will be present to discuss their works. 

Directed by Santa Fe resident Paul Marcus “Mercurial Son” follows for three years the musical and personal journey of Lurrie Bell, son of famed Chicago bluesman Carrie Bell. Initially hailed as a musical genius, Lurrie’s career was derailed early on by bouts of mental illness, addiction and homelessness, until an extraordinary young photographer, Susan Greenberg, came into his life. Over time, Susan and Lurrie formed a deep bond and struggled together to keep their careers and daily lives from imploding. Shot over three years and filled with sublime guitar playing, “Mercurial Son” is a testament to the raw power of blues music and the lives that live it. Director Paul Marcus will discuss the film following its showing.

“The Astronomer’s Sun,” an animated short directed, written and produced by Peter M. Kershaw, tells the story of Henry who, with his mysterious mechanical bear, visits an abandoned observatory to confront his past and follow his father on a journey into the unknown. The film has been honored in seventeen festivals. Peter Kershaw, who is adjunct professor for directors and producers at Santa Fe Community College, will discuss the film following its showing.  Proceeds from the $5 suggested at the door go to meet expenses and to participating filmmakers for ongoing projects.

GERMAN Movie Night at  LA TIENDA
Featuring : ” S Y L V I E “.  
Friday, May 11 at 7 pm.  Free admission.
With Sylvie Winter, Ivan Desny, and Paul Lyss   director Klaus Lemke (1973 )

In German – No subtitles – about 90 Min.

This is a romantic story of the German Top Model, Sylvie, who falls in love with a taxi driver. Paul, the cab driver, is a sailor on leave. He is visiting his old mother in Munich and is flattered. But he really loves the sea more than anything else. He has never met a girl like Sylvie and does not really know what to do with her. Sylvie hires him to drive her all over Germany to her modeling jobs, just to be with him. This film is very funny and is still shown for special occasions in Germany. It was shot in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and New York, where Sylvie dances on the Towers of the World Trade Center. 

Ein DEUTSCHER Movie Abend – bei LA TIENDA – Eldorado

Wir zeigen Ihnen “Sylvie,” den bekannten Spielfilm von Regisseur Klaus Lemke. (1973) ca, 90 Min.

Mit Sylvie Winter, Ivan Desny und Paul Lyss

Das deutsche Topmodel Sylvie , verliebt sich in einen Taxifahrer, der aber in Wirklichkeit ein Seemann ist und leider nichts so sehr liebt, wie die See. Paul hat gerade Ferien, fährt deshalb Taxi in München und wohnt bei seiner alten Mutter. Er hat noch nie so ein Mädchen wie Sylvie getroffen und weiss garnicht so recht, was er mit ihr anfangen soll. Aber Sylvie bezahlt ihn gut, damit er sie zu all ihren Terminen fährt. So kann sie zumindest etwas bei ihm sein. Dieser Film ist sehr lustig und wird noch immer in Deutschland zu verschiedenen Anlässen gezeigt. Er wurde in München, Frankfurt, Hamburg und New York gedreht, wo Sylvie noch auf den Türmen des World Trade Centers tanzt

Two great art openings this weekend

On December 10, from 5 – 7 pm, join Destiny Allison Fine Art as we welcome renowned jeweler, Cynthia Jones. 

Destiny Allison Fine Art gallery is holding a jewelry trunk show, featuring the work of jeweler Cynthia Jones. There is an understated feminine certitude to the delicately fashioned jewelry of Cynthia Jones. Her hand-crafted pieces are very contemporary, and convey a sense of unfettered spatiality, accomplished by just the right amount of strength built into the construct of her designs. The work is a reflection of Cynthia herself, an artist whose confidence in her own abilities and engineering sense has set her imagination free. 

Cynthia received a B.S. in Metalsmithing/Jewelry from Southern Connecticut State University, afterwards entering a two-year apprenticeship with a jeweler where she honed her technical and business skills. Her signature CJJ line of work is found in stores and galleries across the country. 

Cynthia will have a large collection of her surprisingly affordable work at the trunk show, and mention this newsletter to receive a 10% discount on all the items she brings. To view Cynthia’s full collection of earrings, bracelets, neck pieces and rings, go to

Also on Saturday, December 10, join The Exhibit Space in welcoming Visual Synergy.

Opening Reception Saturday, December 10 from 5 – 8 pm.
Five highly regarded Eldorado artists join talents for the exhibition “Visual Synergy” at the La Tienda Exhibit Space.
Painters Joe Mayer, Ann Sharp and Russell Thurston, together with printmaker Jack McCarthy and ceramics artist Bob Coyle will be displaying new and established work in a wide range of media, including oils, watercolors, acrylics and encaustic or tinted beeswax.
The show continues through January 14, 2012. Several of the artists will offer free demonstrations of technique during the run of the show. On Friday, December 16th, Joe Mayer leads “Composition in Watercolor,” from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM at the gallery.The following day, Saturday, December 17th, Russell Thurston shows “Basic Encaustic Painting Techniques” from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM. And on January 7th, Jack McCarthy leads the demo, “Printmaking Made Easy,” from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM. All activities are free and open to everyone.

EX EX VI at the La Tienda Exhibit Space

Excerpt Exhibition

The sixth annual EX.EX.: Excerpt Exhibition will be presented at the La Tienda Exhibit Space in Eldorado during the month of October, 2011. The invitational will present 35 local artists, who individually exemplify un-common interests, sensibilities, and notions about ART, and its practice. Some are emerging in their homes & are new to exhibitions; some are students; some are everyday artists…doing their things; some are internationally renowned; all are pushed, pulled, and motivated by a “feeling”–a longing–which never goes, away! “They rock”…in their own world! For these reasons, each has been invited to select & show two pieces in EX.EX. VI ! The criteria is established by artist/professor, Dean Howell…who writes:

Braldt Bralds painting
Painting by Braldt Bralds

Artistic Existence

There’s an artistic soul, an artistic process, and an artistic object. Inherent to them all, is artistic existence. The EX.EX. concept is about honoring the fact that at the end of the day-everyday-there are those who find themselves pursuing this existence, sometimes unknowingly…and there are those who simply embody it-whether they intend to or not…whether they’re judged good at it or not.
EX.EX. VI: Excerpt Exhibition presents artists, who are… to the side, underneath, and over the top of normal levels of soul, process, and objectified existence. We need to study them hard.

Dean Howel Originator, Coordinator, Artist of EX. EX.

35 Artists of EX.EX. VI

An Invitational Exhibition…recognizing/honoring “artistic existence”

Oct. 1-29, 2011; 11-6 Daily; OPENING: Oct. 1st, 5: 00 P.M. -8:00 P.M.

La Tienda Exhibit Space in Santa Fe…at Eldorado

John Stevens, coordinator @ (505) 466-7277

Dean Howell, coordinator @ (505) 466-2838