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Studio Space at La Tienda

From the beginning of La Tienda in late 2009, Destiny and I have been asked by many artists about studio space.  With everything going on we never had the energy to make it happen but we never forgot.  Slowly, we have been working on it and now it is almost ready.
We are taking the last large vacant space in La Tienda and creating an artist work studio space.  The 1,000 ft space is on the east side of building B.  The track lights are up and the AC is being wired this week.  Part of the space will be available to rent on a daily/hourly basis for art classes at $15.00 per hour.  The other part will be rented on a month to month basis at $2.00 per square foot.  So a 10’x10′ space with utilities included and 24 hour access will be $200.00 per month.  Your space will be marked out.  Make it yours.  Decorate and furnish it as you want. You have the key so come and goes as your please. 
There are limited spaces available.  If you are interested, please call Steve at (505) 310-3828.

Literary and Performing Arts come to La Tienda

As part of our ongoing efforts to support artists and promote a gathering rich with creative juices, we are beginning to incorporate the arts across multiple disciplines.

On November  15 at 10 am in The Performance Space, we welcome Santa Fe Improv at La Tienda.  Santa Fe Improv is offering a free class for seniors (55 and above) who want to try their hand at this incredibly fun and creative expression.  The free class will be followed by a regular class schedule.

On November 16 at 6:30pm in The Performance Space, join us for a reading by published poets and fiction writers.  There is a suggested entrance fee of $2 (but if you can’t afford it, it’s ok).

On December 1 at 5:30 pm at Destiny Allison Fine Art, photographer and publisher Eric Swanson will present a free talk on creative economy and how artists can create an income stream in this challenging time.

Coming soon, La Tienda will launch it’s independent film series.  Some good people have stepped forward to steer this initiative but could use some help.  If you are interested in helping to support independent film makers and their films, call Destiny at (505) 428-0024.

La Tienda is committed to being more than a shopping center.  It’s goals are to build community and to promote artists as well as the work they produce.  Emerging artists and established artists need a place where they are valued as much as the work they do.  Santa Fe is home to thousands of artists but there are few places where they can get together, learn from each other, and participate in an environment that is engaging, stimulating and diverse.   La Tienda is that place!

What is the La Tienda Exhibit Space?

The Exhibit Space at La Tienda is not a gallery.  It is not a business.  It is is simply an opportunity.  When La Tienda opened in December, it donated two empty spaces to artist, Dean Howell, for his annual XX art exhibition.  35 artists participated in the show.  They did all the work, hung the exhibit, did the press releases, sent out the invitations, and had a wonderful event.  This event was about creating an opportunity for artists to do the work closest to their hearts — regardless of whether or not it was likely to sell or of what people (or people in the art world) would say about it.

This concept of Dean’s gave birth to the idea of a semi-permanent space at La Tienda for artists to create their own shows.  There are no curators here, no staff, no business.  This is a free space for artists to hang their work in a professional environment without anyone trying to impact what they do.  There are only a few rules:

1.  4 or more artists must show at a time to maximize the availability of this resource to the community.

2.  The work must all be above a specific price point to ensure a professional quality exhibit, or the work must be marked “not for sale.”

3.  No small works or craft items that are in direct conflict with the only gallery at La Tienda (The Art Garden).

4.  No graphic violence or sex.

5.  Artists must have an opening reception, must staff the exhibit with mutually agreed upon regular hours, and must hang, take down, and promote the exhibit themselves. 

So far, the Exhibit Space has hosted 4 shows, and 70 artists.  More than 1500 people have come out to view the work.  La Tienda, for an unknown length of time, will continue to offer this space on a first come, first served basis, in hopes of giving artists the freedom to show the work they want to create.