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Poets and Artists Collaborate on “Elements” Art Quilt Exhibit

Artwork by Ruth Anna Abigail

Artwork by Ruth Anna Abigail

“Elements,” an exhibit of contemporary mixed-media fiber art, will be at the La Tienda Exhibit Space. The show will feature two-dimensional and three-dimensional work on themes such as the elements of design, the elements of color, the elements of the Southwest, the elements of the Earth, and the element of surprise. The fiber artists pay homage to traditional forms of expression while taking the artwork to new levels through the use of unusual materials and techniques. All of the exhibiting artists belong to the Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild (NNMQG), a nonprofit organization with more than 150 members. 

A gala artists’ opening reception will be held on Friday, June 20, 2014, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.Invited Santa Fe-area poets, including former Santa Fe poets laureate Joan Logghe and Valerie Martinez, will read from their work between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. The poets were asked to create an ekphrastic poem about one of the art quilts. Ekphrastic poetry comments on another form of art and explores the intersection of language and visual art. 

The exhibit will close with a reception on Friday, July 18, 2014, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., with additional poets presenting their ekphrastic poems from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. 

The La Tienda Exhibit Space is open from Fridays from 12:00 noon to 7:00 p.m., Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission is free. Some of the fiber art pieces are for sale, and the artists have created smaller, ancillary works that will be available at Utopia, The General Store for the Modern Age, near the Exhibit Space.

 For more information on the Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild, visit


Eldorado Studio Tour Preview Gallery


New Mexico’s largest studio tour, in Eldorado at Santa Fe, showcases 90 professional artists and artisans. The exhibited work includes painting, ceramics and clay sculpture, drawing, glass, jewelry, photography, and printmaking. Also included are woodworking, digital images, fiber and wearable art, mixed media and recycled art.

Each participating artist donates a percentage of his or her sales from the tour to support selected programs in the community. The Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association (EACA) donates an average of $4500.00 each year to Eldorado community organizations.

In order to better plan your Studio Tour weekend, we invite you to visit the Preview Gallery in The Exhibit Space at La Tienda at Eldorado. You may view a sample of the creative works of our artists and artisans. The preview gallery will be open for two weeks prior to the tour, as well as an hour before the tour begins both days. Take a brochure. Mark your favorites. Plan your weekend.

This year, the Eldorado Studio Tour is May 17-18, from 10am-5pm.Please join us for our Artists’ Reception in the Preview Gallery on Friday 5/16 from 5pm-7pm.

Preview Gallery: May 3-16, 12pm-6pm, Monday through Saturday, and May 17-18, 9am-5pm

Artist Reception: Friday May 16, 5pm-7pm

Open Studios: May 17-18, 10am-5pm

La Tienda at Eldorado, Exhibit Space, Suite A-6
7 Caliente Road, Santa Fe, NM

Brochures are available at the Preview Gallery.

For information visit:

To view a list of the 2014 participants, click here.

To download a map of all the studios, click here.

Art Opening at The La Tienda Exhibit Space


An amazing artistic enterprise has just begun!  Cuban artist Pablo Perea and American artist Linda Storm are paving a new path in the world of art.  Each paints in their own unique style and technique on the same canvas. Their collaborative creations are surrealistic landscapes in a magical reality. 

Their work is visionary – it combines two countries, two cultures, two completely different approaches.  Storm and Perea are masters at what they paint.  “To me our paintings are a visual representation of the harmony that can exist between two cultures, realized through art, with collaboration as the matrix,” says Linda Storm.

“We found our common ground as two artists.  We thought we knew everything about ourselves, but from this landscape that we created, the whole world of art looks different . . . including us,” says Pablo Perea.  Two Views One Vision is the title of the first exhibition by Perea and Storm.  It will be revealed at 5:00 PM on 3000 square feet of wall space, March 29, 2014, in La Tienda Exhibit Space, in Santa Fe, NM. 

How can two artists collaborate on the same canvas?  The answer is in the work.  The images are haunting, and evoke wonder.  “We move beyond our own expectations into another realm, for the bigger picture . . . for the greater good.” 


Pre-Valentine’s Day Jewelry Trunk Show


Utopia is thrilled to be featuring artists Pennie McBride and Marlene Bolotsky for a very special pre-Valentine’s Day event. We hope you will join us on Saturday, February 8 from 4 to 6 pm.

Carla Pennie McBride Artist Statement:

Nature stirs my imagination.  I am both a collector of natural artifacts and an observer of the natural world, I seek to explore the beauty and delicacy of nature, translating the delicate patterns I see into the work I create.

I love to experiment and push the boundaries of contemporary jewelry making.  In my most recent work, I am drawn to the nebulous, yet static qualities of plastic resin. I freeze pieces of silver, traces of paper, leaves of gold and other minuscule fragments, capturing their essence in time.  I design and individually create each element of every piece by hand and all can be rightfully considered one-of-a-kind.

Marlene Bolotsky creates unusually bold pieces enriched with ethnic origins. A piece of bone, a bit of glass, or an ancient coin enhance and highlight her elegant designs.

Pleine Aire and More

“PLEIN AIRE AND MORE” a light-filled art show for January and February, 2013…to lighten up the cold winter’s days and nights. The colorful works will be featuring eight local artists in Eldorado and Santa Fe area.
Artists Reception is on Friday, Jan 18 from 5-7 pm.
Gallery Hours for the 4 weeks are: Wed-Sat, 11-6 pm.
The art closing is on Saturday, Feb 16, 5-7 pm.

Light, Wood, Wax, Fire

Opening Reception:  Friday, October 9 from 5 – 7 pm. 

Nine Santa Fe artists use elemental materials and methods to create with light, wood, wax, and fire. This exhibition is an elegy to the organic. Life sways inside every piece: a dramatic cloud formation pinned against the sky; a flower portrait at once sculptural and ethereal; a table that evokes the spirit of the wood from which it emerged; the shimmering functionality of a micaceous clay pot; the luster and patina in the marriage of wax and rust; the lush geometry of light portrayed in a shower of sunlight; the wild stillness of birds on a branch; the contained fire radiating from a ceramic sculpture; the watchfulness embedded in a closely observed landscape. 

These artists understand what it means to be of this world, to be comfortable with the materials and methods they have chosen, and to be greedy for their own moments of alchemy. Each in their own different ways, these artists live inside light, wood, wax, and fire. 

The exhibition runs from November 10 through December 8, 2012 in The La Tienda Exhibit Space at Eldorado, Santa Fe. Gallery hours: 11 am to 5 pm, Wednesday through Saturday.

Two Amazing Art Openings

Saturday, October 6 from 5 – 7 pm

In the Exhibit Space:  

Africa:  The Holocausts of Rwanda and Sudan

Africa, The Holocausts of Rwanda and Sudan is a color photographic essay with a text by Lucian Niemeyer. The exhibit first appeared at The Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, Delaware. The exhibit has since appeared in many other venues with the last being at the Maxwell Museum at the University of New Mexico, where over 160 images were displayed over a year. A book by the same name was published by The University of New Mexico Presss in 2005. It was followed by the book Darfur in 2007. The book Africa was nominated by the University for a Pulitzer prize. Though it did not win, a copy of the book was given to every United States

Senator by a foundation in Virginia. Recently Mr. Niemeyer gave lectures to students at the University of Alberta and Calgary University in Canada. He was made an honorary citizen of Calgary and presented a white hat for his work. Recently this honor was given to the Dalai Lama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.Africa, The Holocausts of Rwanda and Sudan tells the
story of ten years of genocide in Africa. The first chapter reveals by image and story the terrible genocide and aftermath in Rwanda where over one million innocent people lost their lives in a horrible massacre. The images were taken in 1994 in the refugee camps. The second chapter illustrates the slaves taken in raids by Arabs wanting slaves in Northern Sudan. The slaves were being traded back by a non-governmental organization for $35 each, or the price of a goat. The third chapter is the story of the proclaimed Holy Jihad on the south and demonstrates the conflict between Islam and Christianity. The fourth chapter takes place in the Nuba Mountains. Thousands of years of migration by the Nubians to flee the tyranny of Egypt, then the Arab onslaught resulted in 30 different tribes and languages to the mountains up the Nile. The Arab government has determined that they want these people to practice radical Islam and to adopt the Sharia law. Over 2.5 million people have lost their lives in this genocide which few people know about.

At Destiny Allison Fine Art:

Vulnerabilites:  Works by Francisco Benitez, Emila Faro, and Destiny Allison

Three artists explore the human face to speak of the human condition.

Opening reception Saturday, October 6, 2012, 5-7 pm

There is probably nothing else that can trigger an emotional resonance in us more readily than looking into the face of a fellow human being. For centuries artists have been trying to capture the ineffable quality that a face has to move us. The face has been rendered by artists in thousands of ways through the centuries, exploring the emotions we are capable of eliciting with our facial expressions. Destiny Allison Fine Art is hosting a group show, “Vulnerabilities”, in which three artists, each in their unique style, use the face as a conveyance to interpret their own musings about what being human entails.

In his latest series of encaustic portraits, Santa Fe-based painter Francisco Benitez seeks to have the contemporary viewer reflect upon the past’s presence in our psyches. His figures have an almost sculptural mass to them, and their countenances seem like distant cousins to those shown in the encaustic funeral portraits done during the first century in Egypt’s Fayum Basin area. His subjects seem to have a knowing of the world they’re looking out at, from a distance devoid of time. Benitez actually uses the same technique as the ancient artists of the Fayum period, working with a tetrachromy (four-color palette) of waxes and heated tools, to create his contemporary “historicized” portraits.

Benitez’ work in the show is opposed beautifully by the ephemeral and delicate quality of the work of Sicilian artist Emilia Faro, who Benitez met during his solo show in Syracuse, Italy in 2006. Impressed by her work, Benitez contacted the Kaudia Marr Gallery, and Faro was subsequently invited to have a solo exhibition in Santa Fe in 2007.

Faro has created a series of masterful watercolor portraits of ethereally lovely females and young girls, whose faces seem to be either gently dissolving away or coming into form. What is highly resolved in each is an introspective moment of thought that mostly comes through the subject’s eyes. The models are in certain instances based on fashion magazine images, others are personal acquaintances. The images as a group carry a certain message as well, rendered in the pales of watercolor, an art form once considered a “lady’s activity”. Using that particular medium and her particular subject matter, Faro’s paintings both occupy and critique themselves, nudging the viewer to understand that some gender-related notions could and should segue into a more enlightened view.