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Las Chivas Coffee Now Open!

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Greetings from Las Chivas Coffee.  The rumor is true!  Las Chivas Coffee is now open at La Tienda!

Even though we called the Agora Shopping Center our home for 20 years, we are excited about the change to La Tienda for the next 20 years!  The response we are experiencing to our move news has been nothing short of tremendous.

The folks at La Tienda have not only been wonderfully welcoming but enormously supportive and over the top helpful.  Steve and Destiny’s friendliness and genuine interest in Las Chivas Coffee has been a breath of fresh air for us.  We are inhaling deeply!  We look forward to meeting new neighbors and making new friends!

Cheers from Lynn and Ted



La Tienda Business Spotlight

Photo courtesy of Daniel Quat

Photo courtesy of Daniel Quat

La Plancha at La Tienda is a casual Latin Grill open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s also got the best Sunday Brunch Buffet in the area. Take out is available. Call 466-2060. Weekly specials, fabulous, original cuisine and great prices. 

Ranked # 45 out of 421 restaurants in the Santa Fe area on Trip Advisor, it is a must. Click here to see the most recent reviews.

OUT and ABOUT on Tuesday, February 8 is cancelled

Out and About has been cancelled.  The following events will occur on Saturday, Feb 12 instead.


Learn how to make yummy dog treats at Totally Awesome Dogs from 1:30 – 3 pm

Learn how to make horsey kalediscopes at Barn Dogs from 1 – 3 pm

Learn how to price things to sell on Ebay in building B (sponsored by Eldorado Computer Works) from 12 – 2 pm

Sample delicious, gourmet chocolates at 4 Sisters Consignment Gallery from 2 – 5 pm

Jono Manson and John Popper at Mike’s Music Exchange

Mike’s Music Exchange is exploding with incredible local, national,  and international talent.  Eldorado House Concert Series proudly presents Jono Manson and John Popper.  These two musical legends and recording artists will be performing this Saturday, Feb. 27th.  Door open at 6:30pm with music starting at 7:00pm. Admission is $15, ages 21 and over.

Grammy winner John Popper is the harmonica-playing wizard and lead singer for the band Blues Traveler.  Jono Manson, a singer, song writer, musician, studio producer and rock n roll legend is a Santa Fe treasure.  

 This promises to be a sellout event, only a few reservations are still available.  If you have reservations please arrive early and pick up your tickets to keep from losing then as a no-show. If you do not have reservation show up for walk up seating based on space available.  This is going to be a great night of music, food, and beer.  Food service being provided by La Plancha and Lamy Station and hand crafted beer provided by the Santa Fe Brewing Company.

Frito Pie

Santa Fe abounds with urban legends. One of these is that a lady named Teresa Hernandez invented the Frito Pie in the early 1960’s – at the now defunct Woolworth store on the Plaza. Try to get that one to fly in Texas, though, and they will come after you with big guns.

Fritos were invented near Dallas over 75 years ago (see what you learn by reading this blog!?). It is thought (in Texas) that Daisy Dean Doolin, mother of the Frito-Lay founder, invented the Frito Pie as soon as she got her hands on some Fritos.

Of course, Texas also abounds with urban legends, so it’s hard to tell what the truth may be.

But, we do know that Frito Pies are a combo of Fritos, chili, cheese, and sometimes, onions, and that they are delicious.

We also know that they are served at Gene’s Sandwich Shop right here in Eldorado – and you can even add extra toppings. Plus, you get your Frito Pie in a nice, manageable dish (they were served right in the bag by Woolworths, which added a sense of adventure, but was not worth the spills and burned fingers).

Come by Gene’s to get yours anytime. Maybe we can start a legend that Gene invented the Frito Pie at LaTienda? Nah – the Texans would never go for that one either.

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