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Eldorado Farmers Market Opening Day

The Eldorado Farmers’ Market will open for the 2014 season, Friday, June 6th, 2014. Hours are from 4pm-7pm. Early bird shopping is available with vendors who are setup by 3:00pm.
Attention parents: The popular “Name That Goat” Contest will be on opening day. Baby goats will be at the market awaiting their new names!  Children up to the age of 17 may enter the contest.  The goats are courtesy of The Old Windmill Dairy, a founding member of our Farmers’ Market.
See you at the Market!

Upcoming Free Events and Workshops


At Utopia: 

Join us for a Bee Chama Honey Tasting on Friday, April 25 from 2 – 4 pm. If you’ve never tasted several different honeys side by side, this is an experience worth having. 

On Saturday, May 3rd at 3 pm, join us for a guitar (and stringed instrument) care workshop. The desert isn’t great for these kinds of instruments so David Yard and David Pearlmutter will be showing you how to keep them in good condition.

At Anna’s Home and Garden

On Saturday, April 26 at 10:00 am, Elaine Napp will share her trials and tribulations with the well loved fruit that she  started planting so many years ago.  A long time resident of Eldorado and avid gardner, Elaine worked for Santa Fe Greenhouses and is currently assisting us at the shop. Elaine urges everyone to bring stories and tips to share. We have tomato seeds, tomato starters, soil, supplements, cages and all kinds of other stuff to support a prosperous tomato growing season. We look forward to seeing you!

Looking ahead: May 3 at 10:00am, “Helping Our Honeybees” with Krystala Kalil.

At La Plancha:

Join Doug Frantz and David Yard on Sunday, May 11 for a Jazz Brunch from 11 am to 1 pm. $19.95/adults $17.95/seniors and children

Welcome Kazoku Karate

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Kazoku Karate is back at El Dorado and open for business!! The new schedule will begin August 1st and has 14 class offerings for our El Dorado community!

Sensei Sol Serna has more than 25  years experience in teaching adults as well as children. He is very excited to be back in the community which he served for over ten years. Sensei’s previous involvement with El Dorado resulted in several world and national champions.

The martial arts offer much more than the opportunity to learn an ancient discipline. Students who study will discover their true strength and un-limiting capabilities while in a fun and supportive environment.

 The Japanese word “Kazoku” (family) and the kanji characters in our logo to represent our family oriented approach to teaching martial arts. At Kazoku Karate, adults, teens and children enjoy learning karate and all that it has to offer in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

In addition  to the traditional “Shotokan” discipline the Karate school will offer kick boxing, mixed martial arts,  Ju-Jitsu, Okinawan weapons, kids day camps and even a teen and adult karate camping trip.

Look for us at this coming farmers market. Please stop by the dojo (karate school) and allow us to answer any questions you have.

We are located in Building B at La Tienda

Sensei Sol Serna can be reached at (505) 321-3337


Cactus Class


There will be a Cactus Propagation Class at the La Tienda Cactus garden on Saturday, 7/20/13, at 9am. 

Obie and Joe of the Cactus Rescue Project will be demonstrating cactus pruning and propagation methods and participants will be able to get free cuttings. For any questions, contact Obie 

Building Community: Women’s Coffee and Conversation

You are invited to join us on Sunday, January 29 at 2pm for a coffee and some great conversation.  This event is facilitated by Christine Wagner and Karen Hodges and will take place at Destiny Allison Fine Art.  Read on to understand why this coffee is happening and what it is about:

Dear Destiny,

Congratulations to you in the achievement of the 2011 Businesswoman of the Year award!

We are especially intrigued by your comment about your contribution – “I do what I do because it is the Work I do that feeds my soul.” Far too many women do not have an inkling what that may be for them. Women’s work sometimes can seem very far from the “capital W” Work that refers to a life calling or purpose. Our strengths, our talents, the gifts that light us up seem to remain dormant in the face of the “shoulds” – no, the “musts” – that represent our world. Why?

We are the mothers, the daughters, the housewives, the caretakers. We bring groceries and meals to neighbors who are ill or unable to prepare meals for themselves. This is our work, and perhaps we also do “work” that helps pay the bills…but how much of this work is respected in today’s society?

We are creating the 21st century roadmap for all women. And there is no roadmap to adulthood for our daughters to follow.

What can we do to trust our unique voice as women and see its importance to the business community and the world at large? What are the gifts and talents that women bring to the table both in business and in our communities? How can we discern our voice as women, individually and collectively?

What message is the media transmitting to our daughters? Feminist thinking is clear that women are much more than one-dimensionally defined sex symbols. Our daughters see images of scantily clad women flaunting their bodies. The message is consistent and repetitive, but untrue. A woman’s sexual self is NOT the only real power women have.

What can we do as women to claim our powers of collaboration; authentic and reflective listening; responsiveness and attunement? The virtues of feminist thinking are widely known and appreciated. At the world peace summit in Vancouver in 2009, the Dalai Lama proclaimed that the world will be saved by the Western woman. How can claiming our own voices and power have world impact? And how can we include our young girls and teenagers to sustain it?

We are energized by the opening your award and response have created — and find the dialogue rich and multi-faceted. We welcome being part of this conversation, hearing the voices and insights of women in our community.

Sunday, September 18th 3:00 – 4:30 pm

If you have been thinking of buying a home site and building a custom home, this is an event you will want to attend. If you are curious about green building, aspects of purchasing land and custom building, current vs. historic valuations of home sites, financing on lot sales and construction loans, overview of existing developments, Santa Fe County plan update, water, solar, and more…the Land
Fair offers a perfect opportunity to listen to leading experts in all of these fields. The event is being held in The Performance Space at La Tienda. To attend the land fair, please RSVP to 984-7379.

The line-up of speakers includes:

Santa Fe County – TOPIC: Santa Fe County Plan update

Meghan Hodgins – Glorieta Geoscience – TOPIC: Water

Marilyn Jacobs – SERA – TOPIC: Sustainable Eldorado Residents Alliance

EJ Jennings – Builder – TOPIC: construction issues

Amanda Evans – NM Energy Smart Academy / SFCC – TOPIC: Green building

Ted Harrison – Galisteo Basin Reserve – TOPIC: his development and conservation issues

Brian DePalma – DelNorte Credit Union – TOPIC: land loans and construction financing – credit union perspective

Leroy Baca – Century Bank – TOPIC: land loans and construction financing – bank perspective

Financial Peace of Mind

Starting Tuesday, September 13th Zia Financial Group is going to have a series of “Financial Peace of Mind” workshops. These workshops are going to be for anyone that wants to handle their finances better or would just like to understand our current economic environment. Each workshop will be a 45 minute presentation followed by a 30 to 45 minute discussion period. ALL questions will be taken and hopefully answered.

The topics will be:

  • Debt, how to manage or better how to get rid of it.
  • Credit, what is it and why you need to know how to manage it.
  • Retirement, how to plan for retirement, start retirement and stay in retirement.
  • Education funding, how to get your kids through school without being in debt for life.
  • Investing, understanding the basic principles of investing.

Each workshop will be every Tuesday, starting September 13th from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. Please go to the Zia
Financial website  and click on Events (upper right button) to see the calendar and also to RSVP for seating is limited. Please RSVP at 505-819-5914.

Please note:
These workshops are for educational purpose only. There will be no promoting or selling of any product or service. We also asked that the attendees do not promote or try to sell any product or service. This is NOT a business networking event but an educational workshop.

Please call Fred Richardson at 505-819-5914 if you have any questions or concerns.