La Tienda shops are locally owned and operated. While you’re visiting, you can pick up a can of paint, fill a prescription, find the perfect gift, or treat yourself to a new blouse. Scroll down to discover all the shopping opportunities at La Tienda.

Abide Wellness is located in Building A across from the Thai Bistro. They offer a full selection of cannabis and CBD products for people and their 4 legged friends. For more information, call 505-372-7610.

Del Norte Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy. It carries everything from cough syrup to CBC products. Need an essential oil? How about medical equipment? Del Norte has it all. The pharmacy is open Monday through Saturday and is located on the east side of building A. For more information, call (505) 216-0665.

Eldorado Hardware is your local True Value Hardware store. Whether you need custom paint mixing and matching, screen repair, a new light bulb, or a box of nails, Eldorado Hardware’s got you covered. The store hires experienced professionals and who are there to help solve your problems, find what you need, and get you out the door and back to your project. In addition, because we’re a True Value, you can shop from the convenience of your own home. Order by Thursday at 6 pm and your items are in the store on Monday morning. The store is open seven days a week and is located in the middle building. For more information, call (505) 466-6522.

Jornada Chocolates owners, Andy Gundersen and Betsy Barker, are Eldorado locals. While both are originally from Texas, they’ve been happy to call the Land of Enchanment home for many years. Jornada, which means “journey,” includes a wide variety of Andy’s handmade boutique chocolates, including vegan options and unique flavors like caramel pinon. Local handmade ceramics made by Betsy, home accents, wellness products and more are available as well. For more information call (505) 466-6915.