Santa Fe Wealth Advisors

I am an independent Financial Advisor and Technical Analyst. Utilizing the inherent Risk Management evaluations of T/A, I guide investment advice with a relentless analysis of Risk and Opportunity. My constant portfolio vigilance and in-depth economic research further enhance Capital Preservation in volatile markets. My belief that a moderately efficient marketplace is driven by investor behavior fits perfectly with Technical Analysis’ fact-based review of everything quantifiable. By observing the repeating patterns of human behavior in the arena of Supply vs. Demand, I replace emotional entanglements with factual indicators.

I use several Technical Analysis tools (such as Point&Figure charts, Japanese candlesticks, Fibonacci studies, etc) to evaluate risk and identify opportunity in the marketplace daily. Some tools give me immediate looks at what’s happening and other tools give me intermediate- and long-term views. All of them help me see what investor behavior says about markets & securities & the global economies. No guessing, no predicting, just responding to the facts by protecting capital or growing it.

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