5 Year Anniversary and the Opening of Eldorado True Value Hardware

Some of you remember the tumbleweeds clusters in the doorways, the bare dirt tract that is now a parking lot, the empty brown halls.  To those that do, thank you for sticking with us, building with us, and making something from nothing with your giant hearts, helping hands, and ongoing support.

Wood is the symbol of the 5th. It represents strength and a solidified relationship. We think that’s appropriate. Over the last five years we’ve matured. Our businesses have strengthened and our relationship with you has grown and solidified. We feel vibrant, coursing with renewed energy and optimistic about the future and we are celebrating!

On Saturday, from 12 – 4 pm, we’re throwing a party. We have two amazing duos providing live music, three huge cakes, and more. Details on the duos are below, as are details on some of the other simultaneous celebrations.

Please join us and let us thank you personally for helping to make these five years so rewarding.

hardware logo final

It’s here. 2,900,012 parts have been sorted, hung, and somewhat organized. Okay, maybe not that many, but it sure feels like it. Our hats are off to every owner of every hardware store under the sun!

IMG_5295We’re not quite there yet, but we’re having a party to celebrate our opening and by Saturday, October 25, the floors will be swept, the clutter cleared, and the baby in the bucket returned (against her will) to the family that loves her.

Join us between 12 and 4 pm for free hot dogs, door prizes, and giveaways.

More importantly, help us celebrate with jokes and laughter, great conversations, and your suggestions for how we can make this hardware store even better.


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