Eldorado True Value Hardware Coming Soon!

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Many of you already know this, but now we get to make it official. A little over a month ago, Linda Miller of The Country Store dropped by to let us know that she and Chris are retiring and The Country Store is closing at the end of September (or sooner). Concerned about the impact their retirement would have on the community, she asked if we wanted to buy the remaining inventory and fixtures and move the hardware store to La Tienda.

The answer was yes. However, we didn’t want there to be a gap in continuity of service, so we decided to acquire additional inventory and be ready to open as they got ready to close.

We’re opening as a True Value Hardware store because True Value is a buying co-op, not a franchise. Joining the co-op allows us access to their purchasing power (making us price competitive) while retaining our ability to custom tailor the store to this community. We are working closely with Linda and Chris to ensure that products like bird seed and soil mender will still be available. In addition, we’re adding categories not previously available in this market. We hope to open near the beginning of September.

When Eldorado Hardware opens, Steve will nestle Computer Works inside it and you’ll always be able to drop your computer off for repair because Steve will finally have some help.

The new store will be 50% larger than The Country Store. It will have a tool rental section, screen repair, glass cutting, a color matching paint system, an automotive section, and much more. We’re taking suggestions now and will do our best to stock the products you want. If we can’t stock it, we will be able to special order anything. You can follow our progress on Facebook.

In the meantime, we want Chris and Linda to get as much value out of their inventory as they can. They’ve begun their sell down and now is a great time to stock up on the stuff you might need. Everything’s on sale. Even if you don’t need anything, stop by and let them know how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for this community over the last 21 years!


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  Karl Kregor wrote @

Hi, I’m not into Facebook, but curious to know when and where the hardware store will actually open. Drove around La Tienda, but saw no evidence of where the locale might be or remodeling activity.

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