The Flea at La Tienda

flea sign 930-4821 edited copy


The Flea at La Tienda is a monthly event that runs from May through October.  It’s always on the 3rd Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. The next Flea is Saturday, July 19.

  • Want to have a yard sale, but don’t want strangers at your house? The Flea is your solution. Only $15/space with advance registration
  • Want to sell your car? Car spaces are just $10.
  • Love shopping for that unique treasure? Come to The Flea!

The Flea is located at La Tienda at Eldorado, just fifteen minutes from downtown Santa Fe. La Tienda is a dynamic shopping and community center filled with interesting shops, a great restaurant, and the Santa Fe Brewing Company tasting room. It has full ammenities (as in you don’t have to use a port-a-potty 🙂 )

With ample parking, a convenient location just off I-25, and a great community vibe, The Flea is the flea market in Santa Fe.  Call Destiny at (505) 930-4821 for more information or visit for vendor information and registration forms.


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  Ishmel wrote @

ej: thanks for the spncaig tip!chris r.: thank you for your long but poignant comment. There are times when I worry whether collecting is a sign of insecurity, but even if it is, at least it is an honest way of dealing with it. I think everyone wants to be safe, in one way or another. People who loathe stuff (and there are a lot of people like that) want to feel safe in the sense of not attaching themselves to things. After all, if you attach yourself to things, you might have to deal with the pain of losing them later. I guess people always try to escape from fear. I think we should be okay as long as we make sure to live in the moment and appreciate everything and everyone we have, and create meanings for ourselves.j: Yes, one of the book shelves in colour cordinated, I actually even posted about it today. Thanks for your comment!

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