Art Opening at The La Tienda Exhibit Space


An amazing artistic enterprise has just begun!  Cuban artist Pablo Perea and American artist Linda Storm are paving a new path in the world of art.  Each paints in their own unique style and technique on the same canvas. Their collaborative creations are surrealistic landscapes in a magical reality. 

Their work is visionary – it combines two countries, two cultures, two completely different approaches.  Storm and Perea are masters at what they paint.  “To me our paintings are a visual representation of the harmony that can exist between two cultures, realized through art, with collaboration as the matrix,” says Linda Storm.

“We found our common ground as two artists.  We thought we knew everything about ourselves, but from this landscape that we created, the whole world of art looks different . . . including us,” says Pablo Perea.  Two Views One Vision is the title of the first exhibition by Perea and Storm.  It will be revealed at 5:00 PM on 3000 square feet of wall space, March 29, 2014, in La Tienda Exhibit Space, in Santa Fe, NM. 

How can two artists collaborate on the same canvas?  The answer is in the work.  The images are haunting, and evoke wonder.  “We move beyond our own expectations into another realm, for the bigger picture . . . for the greater good.” 



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