Welcome Kazoku Karate

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Kazoku Karate is back at El Dorado and open for business!! The new schedule will begin August 1st and has 14 class offerings for our El Dorado community!

Sensei Sol Serna has more than 25  years experience in teaching adults as well as children. He is very excited to be back in the community which he served for over ten years. Sensei’s previous involvement with El Dorado resulted in several world and national champions.

The martial arts offer much more than the opportunity to learn an ancient discipline. Students who study will discover their true strength and un-limiting capabilities while in a fun and supportive environment.

 The Japanese word “Kazoku” (family) and the kanji characters in our logo to represent our family oriented approach to teaching martial arts. At Kazoku Karate, adults, teens and children enjoy learning karate and all that it has to offer in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

In addition  to the traditional “Shotokan” discipline the Karate school will offer kick boxing, mixed martial arts,  Ju-Jitsu, Okinawan weapons, kids day camps and even a teen and adult karate camping trip.

Look for us at this coming farmers market. Please stop by the dojo (karate school) and allow us to answer any questions you have.

We are located in Building B at La Tienda

Sensei Sol Serna can be reached at (505) 321-3337



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