Enchanted Landscape at The La Tienda Exhibit Space

A group show of the work of five artists takes place at The Exhibit Space at the La Tienda shopping center in Eldorado, New Mexico, June 30-July 21, 2012.

The artists, Jan Alsever, Beverley Crane, Charlotte D’Aigle, MK Hargrove, and Gerry Perrin, live and work inSanta FeCounty. Their artistic expressions capture a sense of earth, sky and place. Working in various mediums and styles, they share an art focus on the land and their feelings for it. Four are painters and one is a sculptor. All are devoted to creativity and artistic challenge.

GERRY PERRIN works primarily in oil after having photographed landscape for over 30 years. Her love of the outdoors came from spending most childhood summers in a remote log cabin high in Wyoming Mountains. For the past six years, Gerry has traveled to all parts ofNew Mexicoto photograph, hike, and paint plein air. She is presently studying with Noel Hudson, an American artist living and working in Santa Fe. (505) 424-1205


BEVERLEY CRANE, a writer and educator, came to painting later in life. Her love of the outdoors and viewing the water has increased her desire to represent the beauties of nature. Living on the Pacific coast inBaja,California, for 10 years, she has a special affinity for water, whether ocean spray, water marshes, lakes or pounding surf. Painting in both oil and pastels, she finds pastels especially stimulating, both in their softness and ability to portray a wide range of emotions. She finds her painting has increased her powers to see the beauties of nature in ways she could never have imagined before starting to paint. (505) 466-2329


JAN ALSEVER, sculptor, says that an appreciation for stones from pebbles to mountains grew in her when she moved toNorthern New Mexico10 years ago. Intrigued by the many different colors and patterns, particularly in alabaster, she took stone carving lessons for four years, shaping 20 to 40 pound stones into abstract pieces. After she attended a beading workshop a year ago, she decided to add beads to alabaster stones to create colorful, light-hearted sculptures she calls “synergy art.” (505) 466-4034


MK HARGROVE says, “Hovering above the earth is the most magnificent and constantly changing work of art—the sky! It is there for us to view and appreciate every day. Many times, people don’t even notice it. Sometimes, even landscape painters take it for granted. My art is about the sky. My goal is that my paintings jog the viewers’ senses a little and remind them to look up more often to stop—and be awestruck! From the sky above us comes light and the atmosphere, and these make the shade possible. Is a landscape a landscape without these? Oh, but there is more to come…abstraction! 

CHARLOTTE D’AIGLE has focused on landscape since she began painting in the early nineties. Her style is inspired by the French and American Impressionists. Working in oils, she portrays the effects of light while keeping a certain form. She believes that art transmits universal truths and is thus of great importance. Her works speak of her own truths, and her wish is that they speak to others. She says, “If a painting is true, it gives of itself year after year, touching the heart and lending the soul expression.” (505) 455-3898, http://www.charlottedaigle.com

The Enchanted Landscape Group Show will open with an artists’ reception Saturday, June 30th, from 5-7 p.m. The show can then be viewed Wednesday through Saturday,11-6 p.m.at La Tienda Exhibit Space. For more information regarding La Tienda: (505) 428-0024.

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