2 Great Film Screenings This Week

Reel New Mexico Film Screening
“Mercurial Son” 
On Thursday, May 10 at 7 pm at The Performance Space, Reel New Mexico presents the gritty and lyrical documentary feature “Mercurial Son,” a portrait of Chicago blues guitarist Lurrie Bell. Shown with the film will be an award-winning animated short, “The Astronomer’s Sun.” The filmmakers will be present to discuss their works. 

Directed by Santa Fe resident Paul Marcus “Mercurial Son” follows for three years the musical and personal journey of Lurrie Bell, son of famed Chicago bluesman Carrie Bell. Initially hailed as a musical genius, Lurrie’s career was derailed early on by bouts of mental illness, addiction and homelessness, until an extraordinary young photographer, Susan Greenberg, came into his life. Over time, Susan and Lurrie formed a deep bond and struggled together to keep their careers and daily lives from imploding. Shot over three years and filled with sublime guitar playing, “Mercurial Son” is a testament to the raw power of blues music and the lives that live it. Director Paul Marcus will discuss the film following its showing.

“The Astronomer’s Sun,” an animated short directed, written and produced by Peter M. Kershaw, tells the story of Henry who, with his mysterious mechanical bear, visits an abandoned observatory to confront his past and follow his father on a journey into the unknown. The film has been honored in seventeen festivals. Peter Kershaw, who is adjunct professor for directors and producers at Santa Fe Community College, will discuss the film following its showing.  Proceeds from the $5 suggested at the door go to meet expenses and to participating filmmakers for ongoing projects.

GERMAN Movie Night at  LA TIENDA
Featuring : ” S Y L V I E “.  
Friday, May 11 at 7 pm.  Free admission.
With Sylvie Winter, Ivan Desny, and Paul Lyss   director Klaus Lemke (1973 )

In German – No subtitles – about 90 Min.

This is a romantic story of the German Top Model, Sylvie, who falls in love with a taxi driver. Paul, the cab driver, is a sailor on leave. He is visiting his old mother in Munich and is flattered. But he really loves the sea more than anything else. He has never met a girl like Sylvie and does not really know what to do with her. Sylvie hires him to drive her all over Germany to her modeling jobs, just to be with him. This film is very funny and is still shown for special occasions in Germany. It was shot in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and New York, where Sylvie dances on the Towers of the World Trade Center. 

Ein DEUTSCHER Movie Abend – bei LA TIENDA – Eldorado

Wir zeigen Ihnen “Sylvie,” den bekannten Spielfilm von Regisseur Klaus Lemke. (1973) ca, 90 Min.

Mit Sylvie Winter, Ivan Desny und Paul Lyss

Das deutsche Topmodel Sylvie , verliebt sich in einen Taxifahrer, der aber in Wirklichkeit ein Seemann ist und leider nichts so sehr liebt, wie die See. Paul hat gerade Ferien, fährt deshalb Taxi in München und wohnt bei seiner alten Mutter. Er hat noch nie so ein Mädchen wie Sylvie getroffen und weiss garnicht so recht, was er mit ihr anfangen soll. Aber Sylvie bezahlt ihn gut, damit er sie zu all ihren Terminen fährt. So kann sie zumindest etwas bei ihm sein. Dieser Film ist sehr lustig und wird noch immer in Deutschland zu verschiedenen Anlässen gezeigt. Er wurde in München, Frankfurt, Hamburg und New York gedreht, wo Sylvie noch auf den Türmen des World Trade Centers tanzt


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