“Metamorphosis” Opens in the La Tienda Exhibit Space

The quilt show, “Metamorphosis,” opens March 17 and runs through April 14 at La Tienda in Eldorado. The show features the work of 20 local artists along with several heirloom quilts from the late 1800s, the 1930s, and the 1950s.

 “By showing the old quilts, we hope that viewers will understand the evolution of quilting styles and the changing fabrics, batting, thread, and colors that were used,” says Jean Stokes, the show’s organizer. 

In addition to this show, events are planned to bring more awareness to this long-time art form. Quilters included in the exhibit are Gale Oppenheimer-Pietrzak, Donna Barnits, Mary Ann Onstott, Jean Stokes, Nell Riley Stokes, and Isabel Mooney. 

Complementing the quilts at the show are the works of painters, weavers, photographers, and glass artists. These artists include Jack Arnold, Sally Hayden, Lynne Coyle, Connie Soring, Braldt Bralds, and Margaret Braldt. 

Saturday, March 17

1:30 pm: The Quilters, a play directed by Charles De Muth. A quilt by his great, great, grandmother is among the props. Performed by Dottie Hill, Patti Blair, Betsy Alden Robinson, and Dorothy Rogers. La Tienda Performance Space. $5 donation, children free.

1:30 pm: Isabel Mooney and her vibrant quilts.

2:30 pm: “New Mexico Historical Centennial Textiles.” Exhibit and presentation by Colleen Konetzni and Donna Barnitz. La Tienda Performance Space. $5 donation, children free.

4–7 pm: Artists’ reception. 

Saturday, March 24

1:30 pm: “Somewhere inIreland”: Poetry reading, book signing, and quilt display by Linda Whittenberg, accompanied by Danny Wilding on flute. La Tienda, Building B, Eldorado Community Church. Free.

1:30 pm: Isabel Mooney and her vibrant quilts. 

Saturday, March 31

1:30 pm: The Quilters play, second performance.

2:30 pm: “Sharing Family Heirlooms”: People can bring their old family quilts for discussion. Comments by Nora Pickens, M.A, textile historian. La Tienda Exhibit Space. Free. 

Monday, April 9

6:30 pm: “Thinking about Quilts as Art”: A discussion with art teachers and notable quilters. Jeri Beitel, M.A., art historian, and Rhae Burden,MFA, former College of Santa Fe Gallery director. La Tienda Exhibit Space. Free.

Saturday, April 14. Closing Day Activities

11 am – 5:30 pm:

Display of completed Eldorado/285 Centennial Friendship Quilt. Eldorado photographers exhibit in La Tienda Building A.

1:30 pm: Discussion of photo-to-fabric process by Judy McGowan, photographer, quilter, former county planning manager. La Tienda Exhibit Space. Free.

4:30: Finale including music, readings, and treats from Mi Amor Chocolate. La Tienda Exhibit Space. Free.

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