Volunteer Appreciation Day

Please join us Saturday, March 10, 2012 from 12 to 4pm for a party to recognize and celebrate the efforts of non profit and community organizations in the Santa Fe area.  These organizations work tirelessly to improve the quality of life in our community.  In addition to thanking participating organizations, La Tienda is creating an opportunity for these groups to thank the volunteers who work with them in their endeavors.

On March 10, participating non profit and community organizations will honor their volunteers and donors, educate the public, and celebrate the work they do.

There will be music and food, as well as information tables and presentations.  Everyone is welcome.  Come out to support these groups and find out how how and where you can volunteer to make a difference.


Some of the participating organizations include:

Santa Fe Kitchen Angels
Santa Fe Chapter of NOW (National Organization for Women)
Eldorado Neighborhood Watch
Earth Care
St. Elizabeth’s Shelter
Felines and Friends
Vista Grande Public Library
Atalaya Search and Rescue
Many Mothers
SERA recycles

We are very grateful to our generous sponsors:

1st National Bank of Santa Fe
Eldorado Supermarket


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