Cartridges for Kids a huge success

The Cartridges for Kids program is much more successful than we had anticipated.  People are bringing in empty inks and toners from both home and work.   Our original goal was to raise between $1200 and $1500 for the school but the community has been bringing in cartridges so often that it appears we will raise over $3000 for school supplies this year.

Last month, we filled the back of a mini van with markers, glue sticks, tissue paper, regular paper, binders and notebooks.  This month, and next, we are using the funds to supply teachers with 8 gig flash drives.  Teachers use the drives to store assignments, move data, and communicate with each other.  They are a vital tool for teachers to be effective in their jobs.

More importantly, teachers are not paying for these supplies out of their own pockets — as was customary prior to the program.  If you have empty ink cartridges or toners, please drop them off at La Tienda.  There are two drop off areas in the shopping center. One is in front of Urban Fix Cafe and the other is in front of Eldorado Computer Works. 


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