Plein Air Painting with No Rules — A group exhibition

Please join us in the La Tienda Exhibit Space for the opening reception of Plein Air Painting with No Rules on January 15 from 5 – 7 pm

This exhibition features a group of artists who have been painting together for many years.  Although they have a variety of different art backgrounds and life experiences, they all share a love for the beautiful landscapes of Northern New Mexico.  

Each week, the group chooses a different site to paint.  Destinations include arroyos, mountain sides, rivers, and small villages throughout Northern New Mexico.  Some members of our group also look to the skies and paint the vistas that seem to recede into the horizon with no sign of interruption from man-made structures. Because each artist brings their own sense of color and design to each site, the show offers multiple perspectives on the same subjects.  “Wildness” (John Muir’s word) in New Mexico is everywhere, along roadsides, in fields, and between houses.  We hope to preserve that wildness and the state’s unique beauty through our art. 

Gallery Hours:  Wednesday thru Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm



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