Out and About Tuesday, December 7

"Hearts Home III" by Karen Fitzsimmons

Join La Tienda on Tuesday from 6 – 8 pm for Out and About.  This month, we are delighted to welcome a fabulous group of new artists who are participating in the La Tienda Art Walk.  The artists reception will be in building A from 6 – 8 pm. 

In addition to the Art Walk, this month’s Out and About will feature a sneak preview of “Main Street,” a talk by NARHA Horses For Heros spokesman Gus Jolley (at Barn Dogs), and opportunity to make art and gifts at Totally Awesome Dogs.  There will be free treats ranging from home made Chai to incredible pastries at Beyond Borders Books, The Art Garden, Rowan’s Leaf and 4 Sisters and there will be a fabulous jewelry give away at Eclectics.  Last but not least, The Gym at Eldorado is sponsoring a free Tai Chi sword demonstration and free class.  Plus, both Santa Fe Brewing Company Tap House and Gene’s Sandwich shop have great $2 specials.


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  Isidro wrote @

Dear Chookyblue, My name is listed but I haven’t reeeivcd a swap partner. I went back over your posts to see if I missed something. I think the partners were assigned. I thought I sent you an e-mail and just discovered I sent it to myself. I think there is a mischievous little elf playing around with my e-mails 🙂 I hope I haven’t goofed and deleted an important e-mail from you.

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