Travel Papers

Travel Papers, an exhibition by artists M. Warzoné and Woody Schisler, opens Friday, August 13.   Artists Reception is from 5 – 8 pm in the La Tienda Exhibit Space.  

Warzoné and Schisler take the art of collage in totally different directions.  Warzoné’s art relies on found scraps of paper, advertisements, maps, icons, architecture, saints, stamps, Madonnas and fashion models.  At times borrowing from the mentors of early modern art, he strives to create artistic arrangements that repeatedly speak of themselves; no solutions are necessary.  At other times his work is a straightforwardness into the impossible.  By transposing different worlds a tension occurs that questions our perceptions and a freshness of movement is needed.   Schisler, by constrast, was a wrestler in his high school days, and he often feels as if he is literally wrestling with his work.  He moves each piece from table to easel frequently.     Circling the piece gives him a varied perspective (and Led Zeppelin, Shostokovich and Beethoven don’t hurt either).   The painting is done with many different brushes and rollers, as well as palette knives.   He cuts into the pieces with anything abrasive and sharp.   Where photos are included, he has introduced them with a sense of balance throughout the painting.


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