They’re Back!!

The first Hummingbird of the year (in my yard, anyway) arrived just before that lovely snow storm the other evening! I fretted all night about its survival. There were no flowers and the feeders weren’t out. Well – mine were out, because I quickly cooked up some nectar, and ran back outside and hung the feeders amid the fat wet snowflakes.

My flying friend was back the next morning to my great relief.

Hummingbirds must consume their weight in food everyday and they need even more food to survive the nights that are still dropping to freezing temperatures.

Feeder Alert

There are very few flowers for these tiny birds to feast upon, so it’s time to get those feeders out.

Recipe for Nectar:

4 Cups Water + 1 Cup Sugar (or any 4-to-1 measurement). Heat to boiling, stirring just until the sugar is dissolved. (No red food coloring or dye!). Cool the mixture to room temperature and fill the feeders.

Our Eldorado Hummers will thank you!

Photo Copyright: Jessica Wesolek


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