Against the Grain — Not your average art show

La Tienda at Eldorado and The Art Garden are proud to sponsor Against the Grain, a new and energetic exhibition featuring the works of 18 talented artists.  The exhibition, led by Santa Fe artists Christopher Merlyn and Pablo Ancona, features original paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings and mixed media work by a range of accomplished and innovative artists.

This exhibition is diverse, alive and inspiring. The works range from incredibly detailed fantasy paintings to tatoo art, to expressive abstracts in vivid and powerful color to contemporary portraits in the tradition of Andy Warhol. The show’s unity derives from the young artists who created the individual works. Alive, enthusiastic, and determined to bring something new to the table, these young artists remind us that art is about the evocation of thought and emotion, about new ways of looking at the world and ourselves, and about how being alive, in the truest sense, transcends our every day experiences even when those same experiences provide the inspiration for that transcendence.

The artists are intentionally celebrating with an alcohol-free opening night.

“Due to recent tragedies, as well as New Mexico’s DUI problems,” says Merlyn, “We decided it would be in everyone’s best interests to avoid the possibility of sending people home from Eldorado under the influence.” DJ Pablo 77 will be there to provide good musical vibes during the opening.

Join us Saturday, March 6 from 6 – 9 pm to celebrate these artists and the works they have created. Against the Grain runs through March 30 at the La Tienda Exhibit Space.


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