About La Tienda

La Tienda is a shopping/community center located just outside Santa Fe in Eldorado. The center is about connection, convenience and enrichment. Every business in the center gives back to the community on a regular basis. La Tienda encourages and supports energy conservation, living wages, and community involvement. We partner with local community non-profits to enrich the community at large. Center sponsored music, art, classes, and community building events work in tandem with businesses in the center to create a place that is an intrinsic part of community life. Every business in La Tienda is dedicated to giving back. Individually and collectively, we are committed to the community we serve.

That’s it. Its really pretty simple. When people ask us to host a film, sponsor an event or promote a class, we do our best to accomodate. We are non-partisan and strive to support the entire community. We are also in business. This group of entrepreneurs depends on the community just as the community depends on the center. Their ability to earn a living enables them, and the center itself, to make a difference, give back and and build a better community. The people who love going to the events are the people who patronize the businesses. Its a partnership that’s working.  For more information about La Tienda, click on the link below.

http://www.webzonetv.com/La_Tienda_7410_StreamPage.htm ( and a very big thank you to Marc LaRouche for making this video for us)  If you are interested in having Marc do video work for you, you can contact him at m.larouche@streamlynx.com)